vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Dresden/Leningrad – De Tirannie

Dresden/Leningrad – De Tirannie
Self released – 2013
Doom, Metal, Sludge
Rated: ****

After an impressive and desolate debut called Vader in 2012, the Dresden/Leningrad trio hailing from Amsterdam is back with another offering. De Tirannie continues where Vader left off. But where the bleak charred charcoal atmosphere prevailed on their debut; the doom and sludge manifests itself more like a bloody drone and in an almost torturous plague way. Their sound has turned even more obscure, creepy and dragging. And for the none-Dutch listener the album could just as easily be about occult rituals and the sucking of blood. But instead it tells tales of the Finnish World War II sniper Simon Häyhä, the inhumane Eastern front and a medic resting among a mountain of limbs around Leningrad. In the end, the forty-two minutes of slow paced doom turns out to be a menacing masterpiece that will leisurely wrench the air out of your throat and leave you breathless…

(Written by JK)


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