donderdag 23 januari 2014


Self released – 2013
Sludge, Doom, Stoner
Rated: ****

I love Poland. Been there a couple of times and all of those visits were legendary. I’ve never visited Wroclaw before though. But that is definitely next up on the list after hearing the mighty rock heavy weight 71TONMAN. On their self-titled debut effort the five-piece hit hard like a sludge driven battering ram. Their slow, fat and muddy sound keeps grinding down on you and with sheer perfection the riffs seem to bring their point home. And together with the feedback and the samples there is no escaping the obvious fact: this is heavier than heavy. Add to this the mad pounding of the drums, the guttural vocals and all the shrieks and all the howls forced down your neck and you can see why heavy is the operative word here. In the end you feel like you were squashed into a neat little briquette by a machinated compressor. With only your own mass intact and quivering like an excited little atom giddy for more 71TONMAN goodness!

(Written by JK)

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