donderdag 7 februari 2013

Romero – Take The Potion

Romero – Take The Potion
Grindcore Karaoke – 2013
Rock, Metal, Stoner, Doom, Sludge
Rated: *****

The Romero threesome has returned with an amazing new album called Take The Potion. After treating us to the Couch Lock single and the Solitaire EP it is time for a full-sized album. And what an album it is! It’s a kamikaze assault on everything the stoner scene hold dear by way of classic metal and old fashioned doom. They do not sound like anything retro but have the knack to weave the masters of yore ever so slightly into their very own brand of metal sludge. The new Komatsu record might still be a tiny bit heavier, devastating and crushing. The new Romero takes the cake when it comes to putting some air, slow tempos and color into the aural destruction. Blasting vocals that mesmerize and exploding riffs that wash over the impressive drums that make the sweat and blood drip of the ceiling. So take the potion and drink up. Cause we’re not in Kansas anymore!

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