woensdag 20 februari 2013

Help found!

Help found!

After posting a Help Wanted notice exactly two weeks ago. A few replies came. And we can now safely and with utter pride say that two of them made the grade. Hell, they not only made the grade they are putting me to shame! And weirdly enough; they’re both from lovely Canada! Soon a descent ‘Team’ box will be up; but here’s a quick introduction to the two new guys who will be providing the righteous and much better reviews from now on!

Here's BLAIR!

Blair Gibson currently lives in Regina, Canada where it is currently -44 degrees and his balls are frozen to a pole as this is typed. He has released two books, a joke book titled “Laff Your Ass Off” in 2001 and released another book about heavy metal band names and how the groups came up with them: From The Minds of Madness: The Origins of Heavy Metal Band Names. He currently lives with his wife Chantelle and they have been together for the past 13 years and have no whiny bratty children as of yet! He loves stoner rock, porn, pizza, Chinese food, and oh yeah, his wife! Blair's motto is “Death always wins in the end!”

Here's LUCAS!

Lucas Klaukien is an unemployed writer living in New Westminster, BC with his opposite sex live-in life partner.  Sadly, to make ends meet he has been forced into outside employment where it is said he makes a very decent living providing non-essential services.  His acrobatic lunges and through the leg returns have earned him the title of Grand Wizard of the West Annacis Island table tennis set.  He also cares about music and the humans who create them.  O’ and comic books. And runs his own excellent blog as well: Paranoid Hitsophrenic!

We welcome them both wholeheartedly and hope they’ll enjoy the hell out of themselves. Check in tomorrow to read their very first reviews for Stoner HiVe... Hooka Hey!

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