dinsdag 17 april 2012

Kabul Golf Club – Le Bal Du Rat Mort

Kabul Golf Club – Le Bal Du Rat Mort
Self released – 2012
Rock, Noise, Stoner
Rated: ****

The Kabul Golf Club is an explosive nine-hole golf course near Qargha, only a few miles out from the center of Kabul, Afghanistan. After playing there chances are that your handicap will not have improved; but in fact worsened… By a leg or an arm. Listening to the four Belgian freaks that named themselves after this course can do almost exactly the same to your mind, body and soul. For these damned bastards know exactly the amount of noise needed to detonate your sanity. It turns you paranoid and weary for the floating and twisting road ahead. It’s a gigantic hallucinatory psychotic trip steered by discordant guitars and grimy basslines. Featuring the bassplayer of the crazy Rott Childs it seems only fitting that their first EP Le Bal Du Rat Mort is named after an avant-garde progressive masterpiece by Komintern from 1971; because they both cause brainfreeze and nosebleeds. And still leave you wanting more…

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  1. It is indeed a full force raid and plunder on your brain. And for all you Dutchies living in the south of Holland, be there, 16-06 in The Rambler, Eindhoven.