vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Mal De Testa - Quien Lleva Las Armas

Mal De Testa - Quien Lleva Las Armas
Self released – 2011
Waardering: *****

Mal De Testa is a four-piece Chilean stoner metal band that started conquering their South-American country in 2004 and released a few EP’s soon after. Seven years later it is finally time for a full-sized album. Quien Lleva Las Armes is a real throat-grabber, a true battering ram. The opening title track of the record flies off like a mad bull and breaks through every obstacle put in its way and only falls down dead after the very last and final tone. With an excellent, guttural Spanish voice and ditto energy they blast out one aggressive master riff after another and drummer Nico does not just provide a solid bass and tight tempo; he also excels in fills, pounding and creating space for the bass player, cause he also knows how to make everything sound exactly right. Ten songs on end these guys fill your ears with incredible ruckus without letting up, boring you or repeating themselves for one second. What a record!

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