donderdag 28 juli 2011

Jumping Jack – Cows and Whisky

Jumping Jack – Cows and Whisky
Self released – 2009
Rock, Stoner, Metal
Waardering: ****

Nantes, Bretagne, France. The year is 2005 and a couple of guys find each other in their love for raw and heavy music. But after several attempts to forge something concrete, they decided to call it quits in 2008. Only to start again as a power-trio a year later. The singer, with a new bassist and drummer truck on as Jumping Jack and immediately record an EP called Cows and Whisky. With their love for massive riffage and driving, carrying rhythms they run over us for six songs on end. Singer/guitarist Julian Bells has that lovely raw and dirty edge to his voice, drummer Chris Dabrown beasts himself dizzy and bassist Manu Redhead delivers the much needed balance and makes sure the other guys can still find each other. Greasy, groovy rock with stoner and metal elements crossed with some seventies feeling and honest energetic rock ’n roll. Une whisky à votre santé!

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  1. Superb EP! Has much more to it than described in your review though!