zondag 27 december 2009


Numero 5

The living legend behind this album has been credited with discovering Kyuss, creating the sound of Queens of The Stone Age and being the Godfather of the stoner and desert rock. Mass producing records all over the place he has only found time to release six studio albums with his own band. Only six, even though the band started out back in 1981! On this new album the listener is treated to eleven songs that drown in the magical realism that colors the man’s life. It grabs back to his earlier work and not to the last album before this Give Us Barabbas; while still moving on and going into places he has not yet visited. Much more in free form jam style the repetitive nature and hypnotic melodies and vocal-lines give the record a dreamy alien atmosphere. Adoring the magical mystery Merlin; we cross over…

Masters of Reality – Pine / Cross Dover


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