donderdag 30 juli 2020

Stone Deaf - Killers

Stone Deaf - Killers
Coffin & Bolt Records - August 2020
Stoner, desert, punk
Rated: ****

Colorado's Stone Deaf return with their potent mix of stoner and punk on third full length Killers, due out August 14. Wearing their early QOTSA influences on their sleeves, the trio amp up the energy of their desert vibes with a sneering swagger and a healthy dose of weird. Opener "Cloven Hoof" comes out swinging with the group's secret weapon - crisp, driving drums a la "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar...". A snappy, dizzying riff combines with venomous vocals, before morphing into a maddeningly catchy chorus. "Death Ray" is a particular highlight, starting off with tongue-in-cheek haunted house effects, that somehow fit perfectly with the swinging drums and vocals to make for a stylish groove. A surfy solo with Eastern melodies is even thrown into the mix, and it  feels just right. A sneak peek is then given into the slightly snotty vocals' inspiration, with an excellent cover of Violent Femme's "Gone Daddy Gone". Beefed up with thick distortion and harsh dual vocals, it's a winning take on a classic. More twists and turns are found throughout the rest of Killers, particularly the metallic, doomed stomp of slow burn epic "Snake Oil". A well-placed departure from the toe-tapping grooves of the rest of the record, it proves Stone Deaf to be a skilled chameleon of heavy. As essential as QOTSA is to the sound of Killers, the trio's varied and mischievous sound more than shines through, making for an album of infectious energy and surprises around every corner.

(Written by Shasta Beast)

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