zaterdag 30 mei 2020

Louise Patricia Crane – Deep Blue

Louise Patricia Crane – Deep Blue
Peculiar Doll Records – 2020 (15th May)
Psych, Prog, Indie
Rated: *****

Cambridge-based Louise Patricia Crane explodes onto the scene in a dazzling, iridescent firework display of Psychedelia. Drafting in musicians from King Crimson, Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel to name a few, Deep Blue proffers the lush extravagance of Cocteau Twins coupled with the gaelic flavours of Afro-Celt and the dynamic expanse of Mansun. Opener 'Deity' sets the table with pulsing bass and trippy guitar noodles before crashing into a fathomless soundscape reminiscent of Mansun's "Taxloss". 'Snake Oil' drips with smoke-filled chalices and snaking bass grooves, interwoven with golden threads of flute and Gaelic percussion. A sweet Uillean pipe air leads 'Painted world';  ushering in a soft, introspective refrain made even more melancholic by haunting guitar melodies and rich layers of keyboard. The brooding, shimmery introduction to 'Cascading' is pure Cocteau Twins, evoking Raymnod's slinking bass and Guthrie's star-spangled guitar textures. Louise's voice throughout running the gamut of emotive exuberance like some hybrid of Liz Frazer and Kate Bush. Jakko Jakszyk's guitar work is striking, both subtle and bombastic, clever and thrilling in equal measures. Title track ''Deep Blue' opens with soft piano and mellow, harmonic vocals, folding through layers of undulating violin creeps and dream-laden keys.

'Ophelia' breaks into a Folk-Rock wistfulness before descending into ambient soundscapes capturing the rolling hills and valleys of the emerald Isle again very reminiscent of 'Victorialand' - era Cocteaus before bursting out in a finale of soaring guitars and anthemic majesty. The final tracks 'Isolde' and 'The Eve of The Hunter' both swimming in Cocteaus/Mansun wonderlands of lush productions, striking vocal displays and Indie sensibilities.

Deep Blue captures the essence of an artist who understands her influences and utilized them to forge an all-encompassing smorgasbord of Psychedelia with great flair, vision and execution. An absolute must-have for any fans of 4AD, King Crimson and Kate Bush. A phenomenal album that will live long in the memory.

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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