vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

Trail – Spaces

Trail – Spaces

We’ve been raving about the record, it’s art and the band since Spaces was released in February of this year. Shit man, already half a year has passed since the first time we heard Trail’s official full-sized debut. And now, with this righteous vinyl treatment we can continue to spin it until the end of time. A gorgeous ‘die hard edition’ package is available through their webshop. Featuring a poster with incredible art by Michaela Malcomess, a shirt and vinyl bag featuring the same art, some stickers, the album on cd and on vinyl. White splattered in league with the artwork, the entire package is a work of art and shows the love these guys have for their music and the stuff they do! This five-track debut record has all the dynamics and tension arcs one desires from a mostly instrumental psychedelic rock adventure. It is grounded in stoner and flies high in all its heaviness. The German fourpiece has a knack for making something highly natural out of progressive and trippy music. This adventure takes you places. And while most of these records seem to take you to outer space or into a realm beyond imagination. This one burrows deep into your fantasy and describes a fictional reality that feels so real you extend your arms as if to touch it. Sure, this is just a fancy way or describing something awesome that we love. But that is what we do at the HiVe. We profess our undying love to the music we adore and do not pretend any form of objectivity. And, so do the guys themselves, as you can see by the way they look into every little detail of the presentation! Absolutely amazing! 

(Written by JK)

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