donderdag 14 juni 2018

Lowen – A Crypt In The Stars

Lowen – A Crypt In The Stars
Self-released – 2018
Rock, Doom, Stoner, Psych
Rated: ****

A doom-trio from the twisted heart of London called Lowen has just released their 5-track effort called A Crypt In The Stars. It combines doom with stoner and psychedelic touches and drowns it all in grimy fuzz and enchanting, almost ethereal vocals. We have Nina Saeidi to thank for the amazing voice which definitely has a whole lot of world-wide influences. Which immediately becomes obvious on the opening track Ashurbanipal’s Request, where we can hear her do her magic in Persian tongue. It turns that song and all the tracks that follow into something grander and bigger then the make up of a trio should suggest. Especially since the guitarist also provides the bass duties. They’ll translate this to a quartet for the live shows? Or are in search of a fourth member? Whatever the case, the band knows how to enchant with a superb vision on how to pound the riffs home with a definite theatrical sense, offering you an fata morgana or illusion where you envision arrangements with strings, choirs and a gigantic orchestra. Man, these Lowen cats have touched upon something magical!

(Written by JK)

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