dinsdag 12 juni 2018

Hooka Hey – War Cry

Hooka Hey – War Cry
Domino Media Agency / All Tube Records – 2018
Rock, Robot, Stoner, Blues
Rated: *****

Originally from Paris, France the boys relocated to Austin, Texas a few years ago. There they continued to carve out their sweet little slice of rock! It is indeed some good voodoo they do! Hooka Hey! The new record War Cry dances around that Queens Of The Stone Age sound, entices the old blues grandfathers and winks through dark electrified smoke at that luscious mistress called fuzz. It’s more progressive and daring then their earlier work and implores some twisted Americana to paint their stories red with blood and sizzling fire. It’s what they do so incredibly well, telling those sick and crazy tales that evoke dark dark nights and dangerous adventures. Primal and atavistic they dive head first into every perilous escapade that might suddenly appear before them. Yes, we are going over board again with trying to describe something that is either too good to describe or feels like it might only be ruined if described with mere ‘facts’. And fuck it, this is not what we do. We profess our love. And when something is this good on every level, we scream it from every rooftop we might find ourselves on; before diving head first into whatever insane venture might awaits us below. Hooka Hey! it’s a good day to die!

(Written by JK)

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