maandag 14 mei 2018

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Are you ready for a sexy, Rat Pack-ish, Nick Cave infused, Bowie-esque record long adventure? Go book a trip to the Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino and hear one of the absolute best lyricists of our times at work again. The Arctic Monkeys have struck again and once again highly different then what they did before. Gozu dropped their Equilibrium album via Metal Blade Records and it’s awesomely fuzzy and crushingly groovy once again! The Mirror album by Canadian duo Sierra delivers some amazing psychedelic seventies prog, old school metal and more. It’s out on Retro Futurist Records and deserves all of our attention. Green Desert Water releases their Solar Plexus album via Small Stone and it shall soar high and mighty for the next months. For surely, everyone checking this one out will fall in love with their raw stoner edge, their psychedelic take on hardrock and their pure devotion to everything proto and seventies. It’s fuzzy at every corner and grabs you at every turn! The White Witch EP by Frayle is different, definitely different. Intense and eerie, hypnotic and grungy, heavy, low and witchy! Female fronted doom that is bewitching! You need to check it out! Shit, you need to check them all out! All of ‘em!

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