woensdag 16 mei 2018

Pale Horseman to Release "Mashing of Teeth" APA

Pale Horseman to Release "Mashing of Teeth" APA

Good people drink good beer! And as the drummer/vocalist of Dutch trio Phe searches for the perfect brew, so do the four from Pale Horseman over in Chicago. Released on May 4th by Illinois craft brewery Soundgrowler Brewing Co. it’s a double dry hopped American Pale Ale called Mashing of Teeth.

Mashing of Teeth, named for Pale Horseman's song "Gnashing of Teeth" off The Fourth Seal (Black Bow Records), is a 5.6% ABV ale brewed with Citra, Simcoe, Columbus, and Equinox hops.  All four members of Pale Horseman were involved in the brewing process, working with head brewer Larry Hough and assistant brewer Jake Hutcheson to create this special libation.  Soundgrowler, a metal-themed brewery that plays the likes of Eyehategod and Sleep over the sound system, reached out to Pale Horseman in early 2018 to collaborate.  The greater Chicago area will soon be able to drink the fruits of their labor, both on tap at the brewery and in 16-ounce cans for available carry-out sale.

And so, the quest begins to get our hands and our mouth and our throat and our belly on this Mashing of Teeth APA! Cheers everyone!

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