donderdag 17 mei 2018

Oak – III

Oak – III
Self released – 2018
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Sludge
Rated: ****

You can just stop reading now and scroll a bit lower to click on the Bandcamp link cause they fellas from Oak are offering their third EP III up for free! That’s right! Those London freaks that we know from two earlier EP’s that gave us a sapling that was growing and becoming a huge stalwart tree. And it has! II was already a huge leap forward in comparison to I, but III is dwarfing them both! The four of Oak have managed to make a great stoner release that is heavy with atmosphere and intense in its build-ups and breakdowns. Still windswept, dusty and fuzzy, the groove is ever prevalent and sweeps you along a massive current of majestic riffs and thundering drums! It’s so heavy at times, it feels like they are almost losing themselves to the sludge, but then they straightened their backs and swerve back into the stoner and desert highway. I love that intro, the drum build-up, I love the intermission Air, grabbing the right tone and setting the right mood. Before we move back into wilder territories with Nothing Without You. Which is as emotional as it sounds. Rough and gritty changes into emotive and colorful, and back again. And it’s all there, majestic guitar and bass work, vocals that do something to ya and truly glorious drumming. O’ and may I state that I absolute love the artwork and its consistency! Done by Unexpected Specter it fits wonderfully with the music and the continuation of the three EP’s! Love it! Grab it! Buy it! Send it as a gift to your friends! They will love it too!

(Written by JK)

ps. Super Dank Metal Jams did a lovely interview with Unexpected Specter last year...

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