dinsdag 15 mei 2018

Morpholith – Void Emissions

Morpholith – Void Emissions
Self released – 2018
Doom, Metal, Sludge, Stoner
Rated: ***

The five from Iceland called Morpholith have recently released their debut effort called Void Emissions. Three tracks that bring forth the sludgy doom and stoner metal in righteous form. Or as the crazies state themselves: “Our music is based around the volume and power of the amplifiers and beats of the over-sized drums, but not without melody's and slower, more focused parts. It grooves like 70-s rock music, is as loud as a jet-engine and can crush diamonds with its weight.” Yihaw! Those are some powerful words and right on the money too! Slow dragging rhythms, wild breaks, intense vocals and riffs that sound like they came straight out of the hellish mouth of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano! And yes, the drums do take center stage often, whether providing the majestic slow march or pummeling beats down yer skull like a madman. As well as the vocals that are emotive and chased! So, exactly what we need when we feel the Devil breathing down our neck! Check out Void Emissions and submerge yourself for thirty minutes in Iceland volcano doom!

(Written by JK)

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