donderdag 1 februari 2018

Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown
Nuclear Blast – 2018
Heavy Rock, Doom, Southern
Rated: Heavy as you like!

People often come up to me and say “Mr Tony, how come you so cleverist and know music so good”! Well let me tell you, it takes hard work and dedication and a willingness to open your ears. But sometimes even I can make mistakes. Remember my “ the drummer from Nirvana is gonna form his own band – 6 months from now you won’t even recall his name!” or my classic “no one is gonna want to listen to bands who just recycle old Sabbath riffs!” Well people, I can admit to another error of judgement. I have never listened to COC before. Why? No idea. So let’s put the new album on. I know some folks in the know are exited by some dude called Pepper Keenan returning to the fold. Bit of atmospheric noises and then WHAM, the guitars come in and yeah, this has a lovely fat, powerful sound that straight away has the muscles on my neck start to nod. Big riffs, big tunes and shit loads of groove are evident of this collection of songs. Nice economical solos and vocals that are aggressive but do not stray into the dreaded cookie monster realm. Do I prefer this to Peppers stint with Down? Well, yes I do. It’s a bit overlong for my taste but worth it for the killer cover of Queen’s “Son and Daughter”. I cannot compare No Cross No Crown to any other COC albums but this is a monster of an album and one I shall certainly return to.

(Written by Tony Maim)

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