donderdag 17 augustus 2017

Meteor Chasma – A Monkey Into Space

Meteor Chasma – A Monkey Into Space
Self released / Go Down Records – 2017
Rock, Stoner, Grunge, Psych, Space
Rated: ****

The Italian born Meteor Chasma shoots its riffs into space with a truckload of fuzz and an intense intergalactic groove. The opening track Spaceship 2346 of their debut full-sized album A Monkey Into Space is a proper lift off indeed. The mighty psychedelic waves are only rivalled by its extraterrestrial great stoner trucking and monstrous sound. And this massive head job continues on the next eight tracks, albeit a bit more grimy or a bit more spacious. Which might lead you to conclude that Meteor Chasma might have opened with their absolute smash ‘n grab track and that the rest of the album does not reach the same kind of level. Well, you’re wrong there. It’s just that the different avenues the band takes on the rest of the tracks culminate to perfection on that opener. Listen to third track Neil Gagarin for instance, a slower, almost doomy approach to their spacerock. On it they display a massive amount of restraint, how easy it would be to let it explode at a certain moment. And then to not do it. Yihaw! That’s what we dig. Keep you on your toes! In short, check out Meteor Chasma, Gorilla style headbanging guaranteed!

(Written by JK)

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  1. I like this album a lot. I also find it a great album to put on when going to bed, when my housemates are a little noisey and I need something to drown out their 'noise.'