vrijdag 7 juli 2017

Weirds – Swarmculture

Weirds – Swarmculture
Alcopop Records – 2017
Rock, Post, Stoner, Psych, Alternative, Indie
Rated: ***

The debut album Swarmculture by the Leeds, UK Quartet Weirds has been rattling the cages of their home country for some time now. Which is only logical after hearing opener Things That Crawl, an intense mixture of postpunk, stoner and psychedelic rock. We hear distant memories of Joy Division mixed with overdriven guitar explosions and wild riffage. As we continue down the tracklist some more eighties, almost new wave, influences shine through as well as garage rock, grunge and even some space moments. Old World Blues, starts off as something which could have turned into everyones favorite. They do go a different route after the vocals start in, but even then it remains one king hell of a track. The best thing about Weirds is without a doubt their fuck all attitude towards musical conventions and the way they seem to want to mix everything up like a gigantic swarm of locust eating all that lays before them...

(Written by JK)

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