woensdag 19 juli 2017

Poste942 – Long Play

Poste942 – Long Play
Self released – 2017
Rock, Hard, Blues, Grunge
Rated: ****

The picture on the cover reminds me of the time we spent in the little cabin Felix build for his guests in the Restonica valley, high in the mountains of Corsica. That was back in 2004. Drinking wine and dubious quality spirits until it was pitch black outside and getting up only a few hours later to join him as he went searching for his goats. We’ve been longing to go back there as much as we’ve been wanting to travel to the south of France again. There is a same kind of spirit lurking there. We’ve been keeping an eye on the Poste942 guys ever getting to know them back in 2014, when they released their Extended Play EP. For they definitely possess that righteous, no nonsense spirit. Two years later they released follow-up EP Extended Play 2. Which showed quite some progression, a road that lead them away from a lot of the gritty punk prevalent on that first release and to something more hardrock and blues oriented. That trek through musical history continues, on the Long Play release, released somewhere in the beginning of July. They sure still grit their teeth but with more feeling and more soul. The album features a handful of tracks released on the earlier EP’s and a truckload of new stuff. All of them are rowdy, spirited, teeth bared rockers that fill the soul with something honest and pure. Like self-produced hooch and self-shot meat. Bluesy, southern and still wild enough to qualify tracks as grungy or alternative. A definite soundtrack for defiance and a revolution waiting to happen…

(Written by JK)

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