vrijdag 24 maart 2017

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Ever so often, when we find the chance, we fire off a Quick Fire Friday round. It’s a fast way to give a little more attention to some of those bands we love out there. And when time is scarce it might even be the best way to do some HiVe’n! So here it is once again, a small selection of amazing bands that deserve way more attention than the tiny amount of words selected here. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Mutautu – Basement Tapes

Now, this is exactly what we want to hear! This Finnish power-trio plays its blues exactly down, dirty and slow enough for us to immediately fall in love with. Mutautu’s three song counting Basement Tapes EP has a doom vibe and so much love for the fuzz and the heavy music of yore that we suspect them actually having transported from that golden age. There are old souls at work here. And they know the power of the great magnet!



Nadu – Determinator

If you are looking to get yer head right, with some groovy, punky, sixties garage and lo-fi grimy surf look no further. Nadu’s Determinator release has all of that and more. With choppy riffs and a punchy beat it all sounds exactly on point without it becoming overly anal. Dosed in a filthy layer of fuzz the seven tracks just sit exactly right! Even Chris Allison, of Lord Loud, who mastered the EP, could not mess that up! Grin! And we’ll keep grinning as long as we keep listening to Nadu!

Green Altar – Idle Worship and Ill Will Towards Man

This five-piece sludge metal outfit came out swinging with their new EP Idle Worship and Ill Will Towards Man back at the tail end of 2016. It ofcourse did not garner the attention it rightfully deserved, what with all the end of year stuff. So, here we are, with a torch, that brings Green Altar out of the shadow and into the flickering light. Sludge, doom, dark, black and ominous in every aspect. And with a vocalist that goes by the name Cannon The Green you can be sure the screeches and screams will truly make you shiver.

Brutofuzz – The Ditch

A couple of videos to tidy things up. The three crazy Italians of Brutofuzz have released their first single and video The Ditch. Still punky, still wild but with a touch of stoner, a lot of balls and all the pure grit you can bear. Check out The Ditch and get ready for everything that comes our way by name of the Brutofuzz!

Cojones – Origin of Fire

We have not yet found the time to write a poem to Cojones professing our love. For their earlier albums as well as the new one Resonate. And this is not the time or place either. We just want to get the word out on their new video for the Origin of Fire single. Check it out!

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