vrijdag 24 februari 2017

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

It’s been a while since we fired off a Quick Fire Friday round. Not because we didn’t have enough artists and bands we wanted to get out there. But simply because time is getting more limited by the day and the amount of records, EP’s, demo’s and singles we receive every twenty-four hours is simply staggering. We simply cannot deliver for everyone. And we are very sorry about that. But as everyone knows, rent has to be paid and beers have to be guzzled. But here it is once again, a small selection of amazing bands that deserve way more attention than the tiny amount of words selected here. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And it burns hot like molten lava!

The Fre3 Bastards – In Our Worlds of Bastards

This French trio started around 2014 and are about to release a second EP, this one titled: In Our World of Bastards. The Fre3 Bastards play easy going heavy rock. It’s a no bullshit approach to hardrock and stoner. And the five tracks on this EP stay with you because of it. Simple, effective and headbangingly good!

Kvalm – The Greatest Story Ever Told

Kvalm from Stockholm, Sweden is about to release it’s debut EP The Greatest Story Ever Told. Four tracks that use their doom, stoner and sludge influences in a meticulous and careful way. And moving into a more post rock, post metal approach of layering everything with an abundance of heavy. Listen up while Kvalm tells their story…

La Bestia De Gevaudan – Feral

An atmospheric, ambient, post metal, sludgecore extravaganza. Yes sire, the four-piece La Bestia De Gevaudan is a definite weird, aggressive and wonderful animal. It moves in a different way and will not be for everyone. The faint hearted better pass it by. But for everyone else who loves it prickly, rough, savage and wild, Feral is the definite six track scream adventure you need.

The Moonshine Brand – Welcome To Gypsy Town

The German threepiece The Moonshine Brand has just released their first EP called Welcome To Gypsy Town. A righteous blues rock ditty infused with some psychedelic and southern touches. They do it in a pure and honest seventies approach of everything we hold dear. It’s laidback, easy going and with wonderful transcendental poetry. Pour yourself a canister of Moonshine and head on over to Gypsy Town…

M I L K – Black Dog (Ain’t No Turning Back)

M I L K are a three-piece driven psychedelic British rock band. Imploring seventies influences and paying homage to everything we love from the bluesrock. Just check out their single Black Dog (Ain’t No Turning Back). Or Salt for that matter. Two damn fine songs from the biggest thing since powdered milk!

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