vrijdag 3 februari 2017

Fatso Jetson & Del Toros

Fatso Jetson & Del Toros
Shattered Platter – 2016
Rock, Surf, Stoner, Punk
Rated: *****

There is always something special about a good seven inch. It is that smash ‘n grab mentality. To really get your heart racing and your blood cooking before its time is up. We love the seven inch. Although we must confess we always judge them harshly. For if a seven-inch messes up its valuable time, we shall refrain from putting the needle back on it and instead opt for a full-sized record. But when the limited run split seven inch turned up featuring heroes Fatso Jetson and the Dutch heavy surfers Del-Toros we were pretty confident it would be needle burner! And so it was. It kept being spun during the entire month of December and January and we can safely say it is a stunning release. Released by Shattered Platter, my number 617, has been on heavy rotation. And I had not expected to be so enchanted with Die Cast, the Del-Toros three-piece song. Recorded by PCR van Elderen in my hometown of Eindhoven the track in heavy laced with fine samples and punky surf sounds on reverb. It’s only almost five minutes, but those minutes you surf on high groove that will have you lusting for sunny times and cool drinks, dangerous nights and loose women. Yes, Adventure time it is! And the alternate version of the Dreamhomes track, which can be found, minus two minutes on Fatso Jetson’s awesome Idle Hands record of 2016, delivers the instrumental goodness once again. Instead of surfing the infinite crest of high and beautiful waves, the Fatso Jetson effort stumbles and rumbles and lumbers through the fog. This two minute longer version is so much more beautiful and intense, you wonder why they did not incorporate this version on the record. It’s delirious and sweltering and will have you on edge for the entire (almost) seven minutes. Yes, this seven-inch is once again a true smash ‘n grab and will leave you smitten with these infinitely cool tunes!

(Written by JK)

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