vrijdag 5 augustus 2016

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Well. It’s been rough and will stay rough for a while. It will surely keep impairing our actions for quite some time yet. But when we do have time and energy, we will continue to keep all you lovely freaks out there entertained. And hopefully well informed. And what better way to do just that, then to hit you all with another Quick Fire Friday segment?! Once again we bring forth a selection of amazing bands that deserve attention and way more than the small amount of words chosen here. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Baron Crâne – Baron Crâne

Hailing from the dirty streets of Paris, Baron Crâne has been offering their filthy noisy jazzy stoner up for free for almost a year now. Their instrumental debut effort is one hell of a tasty adventure that induces intelligent dreams and longing to produce something artistic. This is not background music for beasting around but for all night discussions, featuring fine cheese and bottle of great wine with the Baron. And we all know you can never have enough good wine! Santé!

Mindkult – Witch’s Oath

Released through Caligari Records the Witch’s Oath EP by the mysterious Mindkult is stirring up quite some racket. Not just because of the mystery surrounding this new one man (apparently) outfit but mostly because of the lo-fi grimy yet absolute pristine quality. Once again we are treated to something hallucinatory and mesmerizing. Like that first release of Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats. Making you dream once again of all those sinful properties of man. And yes, the vintage spilling of blood…

Shit The Cow – IGGY

Swedish scrapyard rockers Shit The Cow will release a new EP in the beginning of September. It will be called The One With The Devil. And for a taste of what´s to come they have released the first single IGGY upon us. Head on over and hear where the boys that gave us amazing records like Rissna, Salt Of The Earth and Volume/Cow take us this time around!

Disorders – Teenage Loner’s Cult

It's not for pleasure. For the lack of love. Darkness descended. Send in the... Longing for some good lo-fi psychedelic post punk droning garage? Then Disorders new release Teenage Loner’s Cult is definitely the drug that the good doctor prescribes. The four piece give us five amazing tracks that are just that and more. Druggy, dark and disorientating. We are addicted to Disorders…

Aziza – High Hopes Are At An All Time Low

Let’s head off into the endless dark with something evil, massive and malicious. Sludgy thunderpunk from the outskirts of Minneapolis. Aziza and their new release High Hopes Are At An All Time Low bricks you over the head with massive force and chugging rhythms. After these six fast paced grating tracks there is in fact, no hope left at all…

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