vrijdag 15 juli 2016

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

As we are almost off to do the dirty in Norway, (next week) it’s best we leave you with some grand music to dwell on and drift off with. Yes, another Quick Fire Friday segment! And this time once again featuring five amazing band of freaks that deserve attention and probably even more than the small amount of words chosen here. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. Fast, furious and full of fatidical visions!

King Bee – Cryptomaster Behemoth

A hard rocking, stoner addicted, noisy, two-headed monster called King Bee. And with their first release Cryptomaster Behemoth they show a definite love for garage, noise and give us something filthy to adore. Yes, we love us some grimy pounce and bounce!

Boobs of Doom – (((White Noise)))

Another duo another day. Boobs of Doom from Scotland. Well, you can’t go wrong with a bandname like that. Especially after describing the music as an aural Schrodinger’s Cat! (((White Noise))) is their seventh album and maneuvers around ambient noisy doom drone. Trippy, atmospheric and nodding to every genre with post written before it. Or maybe it doesn’t and it’s just a cardboard box with nothing in it. Or maybe it’s a cat! Go pet it! Or stroke it!

Fuzziladxs – Fuzziladxs

Well, the music is there. And with only one, two or a three minutes maximum to a song you can just go ahead and listen to Fuzziladxs. Try to drown out the vocals and there is definitely something there one can appreciate. Black sludgy doom and death metal and really difficult to enjoy…

Mojedaar – Mojedaar

Alternative and progressive rock from Milano, Italy. Mojedaar. Their new album expresses a definite love for late nineties alternative prog with a popular edge. The four-piece sounds very familiar and even though that might be a bad thing many of times, it isn’t this time around. But it won’t turn heads or become your favorite album of all time. Or perhaps it does in which case I stand corrected and you can call me a dingbat asshole. Shit, you can call me that anyway. Check out Mojedaar, and call me...

Humulus – Electric Walrus

Let’s save the best for last. Humulus from Italy features Andrea van Cleef who you might know from his Sundog release, Van Cleef Continental or ofcourse his affiliation with Kyuss member Vic Du Monte… And is just as psychedelic, sunny and stonerish. Their new EP Electric Walrus sports three heavy fuzzed out desert rockers. And excellent is a word which falls short of describing those three tracks. Grungy at times but for the most part as laidback as one can get. And guess what, they also make IPA style beer! So get your hands on one of their beers and their cd and sit back, space out and feel like the eggman or… the walrus. I am the walrus! Coo coo cachoo! 

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