vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday 

Do you feel the heat? No, it’s not the summer and its wonderful amount of rain! It is a Quick Fire Friday segment! One of those Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segments that spreads the good word on all those great bands out there with just a few carefully chosen words. Are you ready? Do you have a bucket of ice water near you? Cause it’s is a steamy one! 

Exoskelett – Grind Your Bones to Dust

It’s always a bit strange when one finds so much appealing about a black, thrash metal and grindcore release like Grind Your Bones To Dust. But perhaps that’s due to the fact that Exoskelett hails from Sweden. And we all know that there’s definitely something good about everything stemming from that country. In this case it’s the fact they slow down all those metal genres to something resembling doom and make it sound vintage. Really? No. Yes. Or well. Just give it a whirl and get your bones rattled!

Vidaguerrilla - Mexican Zombie Dancehall Vol.1

We’ve been mentioning Vidaguerrilla since the summer of 2014. From maddening garage to doom punk and everything in between. This time the man goes the blues route. One that seems to fit him even better. Cause Mexican Zombie Dancehall Vol.1 really is the grimy garage blues we all need to fill the summer carnival nights with. Honkey tonk blues for Dias De La Meurte…


Derelics – Introducing

A three-song Introducing EP to introduce Derelics to the masses. Yes, the EP is called Introducing and that it does with glee and groove. Yikes, these guys got such a fine fuzzy groove going you immediately sit up and bounce along. With a more underlying harmonic approach to stoner and grunge; it is the wall of heaviness on which is surfs that impresses the most. Or better yet, the combination of the two and the righteous pedal-porn! Surfs up!

Vira – Vira

Italian experimental and instrumental progressive doom duo Vira released their first self-titled, three part, one song, twenty-three minutes lasting exploration of sound a few months ago. Founded after the sad demise of their former band Traum the new release is based on ancient Greek tragedies, where the character goes through three stages on their road to ruin. Baleful and full of slow moving build-ups, the eruptions are seen from far away, but still hit like a lightning bolt from the Gods. Are you ready to be struck?

Demons From The Dungeon Dimension – There Was Ogres

Last but not least on this Quick Fire Friday segment a first on the HiVe. A South-African doom metal adventure, brought to you by Demons From The Dungeon Dimension hailing from Durban. The scene is set by colorful and almost cheery yet also creepy guitar picking before the lurching and dragging itself forward like a dying beast begins. There Was Ogres is absolutely marvelous and truly epic in all its glory.

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