maandag 25 april 2016

Soom – Night On Meadow

Soom – Night On Meadow
Robust Fellow – 2014
Doom, Noise, Metal, Drone, Atmospheric
Rated: ***

Originally released two years ago the boys from Robust Fellow Productions thought it was about time to bring their home country band Soom back under everyone’s attention. Ukraine is their stomping ground and Kharkov their home town. And the three-piece bring forth some unholy noisy doom metal on Night On Meadow. Dark and evil sounding atmospheres inducing nightmarish visions. They go all out experimenting with lavish structures and weird electronic droning almost static waves of clamor; with excess cymbal use and floating vocals, tracks like The Stone soon become this oppressive blanket that doesn’t sooth or keep you warm but in fact chills your bones. The effect of all ten tracks is cumulative. It is a sound you can get used to. But only if you want your brain scraped. It gets into your teeth as well as your ears. It vibrates in the knot of nerves behind the breastbone and seems to eat at the damp and delicate tissue behind your eyes. Most of all though, it gets into your head, telling you that everything you’ve ever been afraid of, is waiting, just behind the next curve of the trail or that pile of tumbled rock, waiting, to snake out of its place and get you…

(Written by JK)

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