maandag 4 april 2016

Postures – Halucinda

Postures – Halucinda
World In Sound – 2016
Rock, Prog, Psych
Rated: ***

Another band from Sweden that’s been spinning like crazy over here is Postures. Their sophomore album Halucinda moves expertly around in all those progressive rock scenes. Carving up time in metal, but mostly going psychedelic and almost into weird avenues like mathematical or symphonic psych. The quintet is led by female vocalist Paulina Nyström and her voice sounds like pure crystal. In combination with the heavy prog you’re sometimes reminded of Anneke van Giersbergen and her time with The Gathering. You know, sometimes you just immediately know that certain music is good. Not earth shaking, groundbreaking, not best album of the year, but you know, good. Just damn good. And Halucinda has everything to fill that spot. Seven damn fine tracks with technical tempos and subdued parts that slow down. Some of them nestle in your brain after just one listening session. Others remain intriguing and elusive until you have spun them over and over. Which in all, gives this good record everything it needs, to become a slow growing favorite… 

(Written by JK)

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