donderdag 14 april 2016

Moon Circle – Moon Circle

Moon Circle – Moon Circle
Self released – 2016
Stoner, Fuzz, Psych
Rated: ****

The French are coming! The French are coming!! Oh, that's not what Arnold said? Well, he should have, because the French outfit Moon Circle is dressed in black and ready to attack!! Their self-titled LP is blazin' and served up hot for everyone to enjoy. This album is heavy stoner with guitar sounds that are very pleasing. Only a guess here, but it sounds like the guitarist is playing through an orange. Either way the guitar work is tasty, clean yet fuzzy all at once. The guys bring a mostly instrumental game and play to that end of the stoner spectrum nicely. The Sabbath crowd should be able to latch onto this one no problem. I found myself bobbing my head at those groovy riffs even though I'm more of a Zeppelin guy. Oh my God!! That's right. I said it. If asked the question Sabbath or Zeppelin I would get the Led out almost every time. That's how much these guys impressed. Very black yet very much digging it. Hahaha, there it is. Then the track Cum Together starts and I'm thinking there's the more bluesy shit I can really sink my teeth into, hell yeah!!! Thanks Moon Circle, you guys are the shit!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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