vrijdag 22 april 2016

Birth of Joy – Get Well

Birth of Joy – Get Well
Suburban – 2016
Rock, Psych
Rated: *****

Wow man, what an opening and what a first track. Blisters, the intro to the new album Get Well by Dutch trio Birth of Joy definitely gets the blood racing. After which the entire record just keeps you smiling and running through all your favorite spots in your mind. With an ever growing own style they manage to effortlessly combine heavy rock with psychedelic outburst, bluesy lamentations and krautish experimentations. And after the whirlwind opener comes that second ditty called Meet Me At The Bottom, bluesy, easygoing, raw and rowdy all in one and highly convincing once again. And those amazing tracks aren’t even the best on the album. Cause for that you need to listen to everything else. And get absolutely stunned by the seventies Choose Sides, sultry Midnight Cruise, racing Carabiner and battleship title track of the record: Get Well. Which leave us with no other option that to conclude that this is their best and most riveting album yet!

(Written by JK)

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