woensdag 13 april 2016

An Evening With Knives – Wants YOU!

An Evening With Knives – Wants YOU!

An Evening With Knives has been rolling hard now! And together with Komatsu they’ve been making Eindhoven proud like a motherfucker! So… They’re going to up the ante!

“After playing live shows for over a year, the genie is out of the bottle. The requests for a full length album are not unheard by us. We feel a huge urge to make it possible, but for this, we need you!

An Evening With Knives sets up a crowdfunding and urges you to get involved. Planning to buy the upcoming album when it’s out? Please do so up front and make it possible to get it all started. Without you, there will not be an album.. The crowdfunding ends on May 21, so do it now!

Off the Record’ the live show on a secret location
Everyone donating receives a ticket for ‘Off the Record’. A very special show on a secret location in Eindhoven for the people crowdfunding this project only. See us play new, never heard material and getting to know some of the stories behind the creation of the songs accompanied by some cold beers on Saturday May 21.”

Check out their website for more details and check out that video!

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