donderdag 25 februari 2016

Ethereal Riffian – Youniversal Voice

Ethereal Riffian – Youniversal Voice
Self released / Robust Fellow – 2016
Rock, Prog, Stoner, Psych,
Rated: *****

The very lovely packaged cd version of the new live album Youniversal Voice by Ethereal Riffian arrived last week. Ever since that we’ve been in a different state of mind. Their 2014 album Aeonian already delivered a mind altering experience, Youniversal Voice definitely tops that. The incantation starts slowly, this hallowed voice draws you in, and underneath a very earthy percussion slowly builds as a guitar starts its repetition and a freaky digeridoo breaths it all to life. Hell yes, we are in for a complete experience; one that will take care of your entire mind, body and soul. And it just become bigger and more majestic with every moment that passes. Their heavy psychedelics induce a higher state of cosmic sense and their overt ritual approach is one that is heady and wild and will leave you breathless on many occasion. An album recorded live and comprised out of tracks from 2014’s Aeonian and 2011’s Shaman’s Visions that melt together so perfectly, it feels like one grand adventure. In short, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Youniversal Voice and everything right. Just like you heart and mind after listening to the album. Hell, everything feels right… If only for that short moment before you step into the ‘real’ world again…

(Written by JK)

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