dinsdag 29 december 2015

Number 7

Number 7

“Cake? Who needs cake? I’d rather guzzle drink and put other stuff up my nose!” ~ Keith Richards

Two points above Goatsnake on Number 8 we find a trio that has been aweing fans all across the world with their stage performance and stunning shows. And the albums did well as well. Reaching Number 2 back in 2012 and Number 5 in 2013. But for some reason they never completely lived up to their live concerts. This one perhaps is closer to that awesome truth. Or as Madman Tony Maim put it back in September: “Thank fuck, these Germans have come up with new killer riffs, cool song compositions and a slightly more polished production sound which has expanded their sonic horizons, meaning the tracks sound massive and rock like a bastard.” No extra words needed. Check out Number 7!

Kadavar – Berlin

The cake was specially baked and handcrafted by WDG
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