zaterdag 19 december 2015

Number 14

Number 14

“Then there was the bad cake. It would hit your stomach like a brick. You would have to puke all night and sweat all day. Not unlike detoxing or having a nasty flu. You feel like a bunch of sodden leaves in the rain, too wet and heavy to move. What? Of course I am talking about cake! What else?” ~ Axl Rose.

I was surprised to see so many of you out there vote for the guys we find on Number 14. Not because they don’t deserve it or aren’t that good. But simply because there has been so much great music this year and I reckoned a lot would forget about these wonderful cats. So on Number 14, with once again only one point more than Ghost we celebrate the first instrumental effort on the Top 20 countdown. Hailing from Berlin, this quartet knows how to create universes within their songs, but all the while moving towards atavistic stoner one minute and eerie psychedelics the next. It is their fifth record and with it they display a true love for everything we freaks hold dear in all these amazing heavy genres… So, without further ado…Number 14 !

Rotor – Funf


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