vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

Whooom – Lager

Whooom – Lager
Self released – 2015
Doom, Heavy, Psych
Rated: ****

Yeah baby! Whooom out of the Netherlands is keeping it old school. They recorded their newest LP Lager at Duct Tape Studios on reel to reel, and mostly in one take. Lager has that nice warm sound of yesteryear. This is a doom record but with some warm and fuzzy psych hiding inside. You'll get my point when you here their second song Muffnut, the song really just melts in your mouth and gives you that sort of inner peace feeling. Where their first song had some faster punkish elements to it. Ok, moving onto the track Sandwitches. Whoooooom, I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. Although unlike the first two it has vocals on it that I feel aren't needed. But that is just one opinion. I know there are other folks out there that will say the opposite. That's why music enjoyment is a personal experience. Track four is more of the same; maybe even better. It has some faster psych based fair in it and just rips! I've said it before, I'm not the biggest fan of so called "doom records”. I tend to lean toward the the psychedelic end of the spectrum. The more this record plays the more it leans that way as well. For those of you that lean more toward doom, they bring it on track five for sure. I'd like to say In closing that these guys seem like a talented bunch. I enjoyed all the players equally and wish them the best. Hey Whooom! You've just gained a fan.

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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