donderdag 8 oktober 2015

Ponamero Sundown – Veddesta

Ponamero Sundown – Veddesta
Transubstans Records – 22015
Heavy, Stoner, Hard, Rock
Rated: ****

Ponamero Sundown out of  Stockholm Sweden is back and fighting mad with their newest LP Veddesta. In the bands bio they claim this newest release is a bit of a retooling. I haven't heard their earlier work so I cannot vouch for that. I can vouch that Veddesta is killer! This is a down and dirty rock album period. The vocalist Niclas Engwall has a polished yet hard edge voice that is quite pleasing for the style. A slight bit Alice in chains at times, which to me isn't a bad thing. The dude has some killer back up as well. Peter Eklund on drums, Robert Trisches on bass and Anders Martinsgard on the Guitar. These guys know how to serve a song, heavy and rockin'. The shits got more hooks than the Gorton's fisherman, with no dull moments in my opinion. The band definitely have a certain feel to them; I wouldn't call it funky, but it's that behind the beat type of playing if you know what I mean. It's the kind of playing that makes you want to move. I promise all you fans of kick ass hard rock are gonna like this one. You can check out all seven tracks below at their bandcamp site.

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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