maandag 12 oktober 2015

Plant Tribe – Late Noon

Plant Tribe – Late Noon
Space Chant Records – 2015
Psych, Rock, Classic
Rated: ****

Ok kiddies, get your lava lamps out because the latest release Late Noon by Plant Tribe is up for pre-order. And believe me when I tell you the shits psych to the core. My first impression from opening track Croakin is that these guys are a seriously talented bunch and like to explore that real late sixties and early seventies vibe. Late Noon has got some real nice tasty bass and organ on it. Smooth powerful vocals, psychedelic guitar work and some nice drumming round out the record. They even have live sex! Oops, I meant live sax, hahaha. I really enjoyed the cut Fish Bowl Blues. Nice and laidback, it’s the kind of jam you could drift away with. The same goes for Gutterland, except that the lyrical content is darker and has a grittier edge. On the track Mice you can really hear the snare rattle in the beginning of the song. I for one enjoy little nuances like this. You know why? Cause it tells me the guys are actually fucking playing the song! Plant Tribe is keeping it real. In closing I can say there isn't one sleeper on this record. The cloud hangers will especially enjoy Late Noon. For all you cats out there with turntables pick up one of their limited run LP's released by Space Chant Records at the link below. I ordered the deluxe…

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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