woensdag 14 oktober 2015

Deafheaven – New Bermuda

Deafheaven – New Bermuda
Epitaph/Anti – 2015
Rock, Metal
Rated: ***

Back in 2013 Sunbather was rightfully received as a damn fine and almost sensational metal record. Deafheaven was able to combine black metal elements, screeching vocals, machinegun drums, shoegaze guitars and atmospheric soundscapes into one blissful outing. On the new record New Bermuda they try to perfect that strange mixture of dreampop and occult noise. But the six colossal desperate, blackened music offerings that still bring something uplifting fall a bit short this time. The bubbling black cauldron soup and punishing rituals once again turn into something soft and melancholic. But instead of offering refuge and solace, they seem to add to the despair of loss this time around. It will be hard to find middle of the road thinkers on this album, cause it will annoy, irritate or infuriate most listeners and will exalt the rest. But even so, that’s exactly what it is. Middle of the road and with no definite goal on the horizon…

(Written by JK)

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