woensdag 5 augustus 2015

Khemmis – Absolution

Khemmis – Absolution
20 Buck Spin – 2015
Rock, Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Metal
Rated: *****

The Denver quartet Khemmis has been around since that dangerous year of 2012 and have recently released their debut full-sized album Absolution. If they had been planning to slowly add layer upon layer of their career, they are now in deep shit. Cause this will album will have the Khemmis ship take off like a rocket. Opening track Torn Asunder, slowly marches out of the gate with stomping drums and guitars heralding the coming of something knightly. After which the trek turns into a faster moving army, until the almost angelic and occult sounding male vocals start. Bathing the entire signature composition in white light. And it is not until three quarters of that song has passed that the evil appears. In the form of the growling and harsh vocals that tear the fabric apart. After which you suddenly have to come to grips with five more amazing tracks that can shift the entire world around you in an instant, going from uplifting and beautiful, to dark and desperate. There is no escape from it and there shall be no absolution, for this is never ending. Cause like an ever changing Labyrinth you are only there for its amusement and you can only marvel at its intricate inner workings!

(Written by JK)

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