dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Stoner HiVe BuzZz Feed bandzZz

Stoner HiVe BuzZz Feed bandzZz

Another quick post about those band that are posted in the BuzZz chat feed on the right side of the page. Cause they do deserve attention! Not just because they made it over to the HiVe, no, because they rock hard and kick ass!

Tropical Doom – Tropical Doom

This Brazilian stoner and desert rock outfit definitely has something tropical about them. Now, don’t go envisioning hula girls and pineapples, cause they probably owe more to sandy hamburgers and lukewarm rum. They’re damn heavy and got this damn fine trucking speed to their songs. Think Queens Of The Stone Age or Fu Manchu, but with a very own definite twist. The Tropical Doom boys do their stoner well and don’t really bother with dooming that up, no, they stare at the sun, guzzle their drinks and party completely sunburnt like the night will never come!

Black (W)hole – Receive

Black (W)hole has been putting out experimental drone and noise instrumental since 2010. Each of them offering weird or majestic soundscapes that sometimes twist your brain and on other moments make you experience one of those lucid hangovers. This Austrian fella improvises his heart out and on occasion stumbles upon something smashing. Just imagine what he could do sober or with an entire band?

Vidaguerrilla – Hora de Aventuras

We mentioned Vidaguerrilla’s first release during a certain Quick Fire Friday segment. And since that faithful day the Spanish one man project released no less than six new efforts. Hora de Aventuras is its newest release. Insane fuzzed out punky doom that is as chaotic as it is crazy, with weird esoteric interludes and arcane soundscapes. It is almost impossible to follow, not unless you are wired into some kind of weird trip and have a truckload of speed at the ready…

Lizard Queen – Third Eye

Lizard Queen is a stoner metal project from Gorizia, Italy, born and raised by a member of the band DEEP in that most ugly year of 2013. With overtones of doom the entire album twists your head and curdles your blood. There is something occult and dangerous about it. Both please, please, do not judge the record by that first track. Even though the hellish howls fit the name Khan, it does not do justice to the quality displayed on the rest of the eleven songs. Grow a pair, or in fact, grow a third one!

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