zondag 31 mei 2015

Weedeater – Goliathan

Weedeater – Goliathan
Seasons of Mist – 2015
Rock, Sludge, Stoner, Metal, Southern, Dixie
Rated: ****

One of the many highlights of Roadburn 2011 was Weedeater. The way they filled the 013 stage with their presence, the way they filled the venue with their sound and the way they incorporated the bass player’s head as part of the drum kit was simply awe-inspiring. The show was part of their amazing Jason… The Dragon tour. Injuries and bad luck plagued the band before that album and continued to play a role after said album. So we had to be patient and wait for news about new work. First we heard that Travis Owen from Whores, Artimus Pyledriver and Zoroaster would replace Keith "Keko" Kirkum on drums for a few short tour stints. And then came the bulletin that he’d replace Keko indefinitely and that they’d be pairing up with Steve Albini again for a new album and we could only rejoice and pray that the drinking, fighting, run-ins with the law, onstage barfing, the loss of a big toe and the enormous amount of booze and drugs would not have dissipated their hard hitting wallop one bit. And it hasn’t. The new record Goliathan is as heavy as they come and as sluggish and methodical as we have come to love. And with the southern or Dixie touches the boys always bring to the backyard barbecue there is a little bit of smoky air in there as well. Smoky air. Hehe. This time around the album is built between two devious bookends that give it this weird ecclesiastical atmosphere. Opening with intense but witty lyrics the mood is set and when their trademark slow swagger starts on the second, the title-track, we hear how wonderful the sound has been captured. Recorded live as if they played in sweaty watering hole. With deep rumbling bass work and thundering drums we are back in the marshes, trying to escape that growling Goliathan chasing after us…

(Written by JK)

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