donderdag 7 mei 2015

Voltage - Travellin' Men

Voltage - Travellin' Men
Self released – 2015
Rock, Hard, Southern, Blues
Rated: ****

They started out as a cover band some four years ago. But the bourbon crawls wherever it needs to go. And so, the four-piece Dutch outfit Voltage, quit screwing around, rolled up them sleeves and went to work. The result is here now and it’s called Travellin’ Men. A fine selection of hard rock, blues driven songs that evoke those dusty southern afternoons and those hard working summer days. Ofcourse there’s are also a few songs that aim for those sweaty nights hollerin and drinkin and spittin biscuits. Aah yes, the cats have produced some damn fine fruit from their labor. No less than thirteen songs and with almost no miscarriages among them. Sure we have a few favorites like that rowdy Motherfucker Jones or The Long Road Home. And sure there is one or two that do not necessarily have you shaking in yer boots. But on par, this is some real sweet stuff that might turn ye in a redneck and have ye grilling steaks on the bbq before you can blink twice. Absolute smashing vocals and on point guitar work will quench yer thirst just as easy as that first beer. Check out Voltage, and put on Motherfucker Jones at full volume. Especially as the sun goes down…

(Written by JK)

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