donderdag 7 mei 2015

Turbowolf – Two Hands

Turbowolf – Two Hands
Spinefarm/Universal – 2015
Rock, Punk, Metal, Stoner, Psych
Rated: ***

We’ve been enjoying the antics delivered by Bristol’s heavy punk rock formation Turbowolf ever since their debut album in 2011. You want to go for the gusto? You want to get fired up? Put on the new record Two Hands by this four-piece and be truly roused.  Colorful, high pitched and full of feverous energy. There is something Bad Brains about this, whenever they screech their punk rage at you and almost skid of the road, but then there is that dark metal under layer and those moments of almost occult sounding psychedelics. And ofcourse besides all that we have some good ol’ pop sensibilities in there as well, sixties, early seventies, Beatlesque, and wonderful. There is no denying that this is fun music for fun times, and highly addictive. With songs like Good Hand and American Mirrors they have pure gold on their hands. Chaotic and more carefully produced than the self-titled album, but with just as much dirty and grimy fun. Whoohaa! Good times!

(Written by JK)

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