donderdag 7 mei 2015

Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors

Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors
Relapse – 2015
Rock, Psych, Hard, Stoner, Blues, Metal
Rated: ***

Howling like a banshee and screaming like rock goddess. Mlny Parsonz aims straight for the heart when she delivers her vocals. Sharp, rough and absolutely pristine. They are as bold as they are dramatic as she sings about escaping creepy cults, scary sects and all kinds of other ugliness. Breaking up is hard to do? And since we could not get enough of Royal Thunder's former album CVI, which made it all the way to Number 8 of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown in 2012, we were immediately absorbed by the new album Crooked Doors. And when it opens with such an amazing track as Time Machine, filled with a masterful build up and fine release, we could not be more overjoyed. And rest assured, there is more goodness in there. Go check out Forgive Me, Glow or Karma. Deliciously crazy riffs and a Mlny that can screech even meaner then we had thought. But, yes, there is a but, the rest of the songs come across as a bit thin. They seem to want to go one place while visiting another and are therefore never truly able to nestle in your brain. Wake Up for instances lulls you to sleep and Forget You is forgotten before the song is over. And I really really really wanted to remember. Everything.

(Written by JK)

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