woensdag 13 mei 2015

Hyperwülff – Volume One: Erion Speaks

Hyperwülff – Volume One: Erion Speaks
Taxi Driver Records – 2015
Rock, Metal, Core, Sludge
Rated: ***

They hail from Bologna, Italy but sound like they were spawned right out of the seventh layer of Hell. It is Hyperwülff and with their first album Volume One: Erion Speaks they truly seem to want to bring forth the coming of true evil. Unholy ruckus and other worldly growls. But as soon as you adjust to their crushing and punishing delivery of riffs, rhythms and howls you suddenly discover the beauty that hides among their blackened and charred musical landscape. Cause there are those moments when the oppressive fog dissipates slightly and a little pseudo celestial light shines on the almost ethereal rhythms and near psychedelic pacing. On those moments you align yourself with Hyperwülff and get ready to be sucked along for the ride to meet that age old Golem or some pre-Adamic spirit. But you will not know if they wish to do you harm until it will be too late. Erion speaks, and his breath is a fiery hot steam that will blister you ears and boil your blood. But that might be the perfect ending or an even better beginning…

(Written by JK)

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