zondag 10 mei 2015

Arenna – Given to Emptiness

Arenna – Given to Emptiness
Self released – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Doom, Psych
Rated: ****.5

The Spanish five-piece Arenna released their second official full length album with the luscious name Given To Emptiness. Again Arenna captivate you entirely with heavy psychedelic jams, pure desert stonerrock, doom and sometimes even with a folk or pop vibe. Six epic songs to take you on a journey through time and space and an with an acoustic guitar outro to bring you back to earth.
I have known their music since their first live show on Helldorado fest back in June 2005. The 2007 demo with six songs around six minutes each showed us what kind of band is growing here. The 2011 Beats of Olarizu album was a truly brilliant debut. They deserved those five stars on Stoner HiVe and still do. And finally, their new release Given To Emptiness will make it among the big names this year. I am certain of that.

(Written by Doktor420)

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