dinsdag 26 mei 2015

An Evening With Knives – Blind Man’s Guess (Live)

An Evening With Knives – Blind Man’s Guess (Live)

Their self-titled EP released last year still has heavy rotation over here. But on May 12 An Evening With Knives played a live studio show for a selected crowd of friends and fans. And everyone who was there or watched the live stream on the internet knew right then that they were witnessing something damn freaking great. And all of those lucky souls are hoping that they will releases that live recorded goodness within the foreseeable future. And guess what. A first track named Blind Man’s Guess has now been released via YouTube. Check it out and bring your weapons!  But don't poke Peer in his eye, cause he recently had surgery! Next live date, Friday 29th in Little Devil, Tilburg, Netherlands. Together witth Mannheim and Steak No.8! Gonna be a good and dangerous night!

See, and what did you learn? Don't run with knives!

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