woensdag 27 mei 2015

Acid Western – Rampage

Acid Western – Rampage
Domino Media Agency – 2015
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Desert
Rated: ***

The three-piece Acid Western hails from Paris, France and has released a second EP called Rampage. So we are not referring to the four-piece Australian version with the same name. No these freaks follow-up on the already luscious sounding EP Of Flesh And Bones from 2011. Rampage is a truly rambunctious version of stone ‘n roll or rock ‘n stoner that has you reliving those fast paced party stomping moments that Queens Of The Stone Age used to deliver. It hits harder and has more drive than that first EP which perhaps took more after the ‘weirder’ QOTSA sounds and had vocals that moved more towards Cobain. This one is pure Six Shooter type ruckus or grooves like de Dutch band De Staat version of QOTSA. But still with enough extra fuzziness and groove to turn even the biggest skeptic into a believer. Yes, there is life after QOTSA and that life is situated in that part of the world where they speak French and know all about decent cheese and wine. And I’m sure Mr. Homme could appreciate it all… “We couldn’t get any closer…”

(Written by JK)

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