woensdag 22 april 2015

Zodiac – Sonic Child

Zodiac – Sonic Child
Napalm – 2014
Rock, Classic, Hard, Psych, Seventies
Rated: ***

Album number three for the German formation Zodiac. It’s called Sonic Child and gives us honest and groovy blues rock filled with seventies throwbacks, psychedelic touches and pure hardrock gold. On the other hand, the more psychedelic parts and groovy blues are the moments when the Zodiac shines. Cause the simple hardrock moments seem to falter a bit in intensity and belief, as if the boys felt they needed to throw something like that in the mix without really feeling it. Making it all seem a bit to clean and sterile. So let’s not dwell on that aspect and simply enjoy the bluesy psychedelics and the funky traces. It’s what makes up their most passionate offerings and turns every sceptic into a believer. Like a child, open and without any concern about anything else you let the music drip into you and make it something completely different. Something for yourself and uniquely your own.

(Written by JK)

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